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TRANSKID is there to help you!
Services to your measure at a price to your measure!


A fleet of 25 trucks including 4 canvas trucks, 6 ten wheels and 10 trailers 53 feet is at your service.


50 van semi-trailers for personalized service at the customer's request.


More than 15,000 square feet are at your disposal to store your goods.


Transport of dangerous goods *


The protection of your goods is a priority at TRANSKID and when there is warehouse handling, be sure that TRANSKID will take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your goods reach their destination in an impeccable condition.

All our trucks are equipped with the tracking system. This technology allows us to communicate directly with our drivers and to know in real time, where is your merchandise.

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Same day transportation service *

You are a company with fragile goods and who does not want not that it transits through warehouses, you are a transport company that is not enough on demand or you are a distributor who wants to serve its customers well by offering a rush service, TRANSKID is here to help you!


Very safe environment

TRANSKID also offers a professional storage service in a very safe environment. More than 15,000 square feet are at your disposal to store your goods.


Management of your expeditions

Thanks to its contacts with several leaders in the field of transport, TRANSKID can help you manage your shipments. Whether it's partial loads or full loads, you can let us ship them all over Canada and the northern United States.

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